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The symbolic AI engine of Digital Brain 

Consistently Facilitate the Communication of  Change Story

Seamlessly Aligning Silo Organizations and Employees with Transformation Vision

How do you communicate the CHANGE STORY across organizations today?

How do you know what other teams and executives have discussed on the related topics?

Why is execution always different from our vision?

Enterprise needs a better way to make communication effective upfront before the change is implemented.

Successful companies communicate their transformation vision with their employees

‘7 times in 7 different ways’, which is very expensive process

Changes frequently occur at the business unit level.

50% of Management spends no time to communicate the implication of changes 

Employees spend over

 17 hours / week

simply clarifying previous communication, which translates to

an annual cost of $35,360 / knowledge worker

Even after spending hundreds of hours, employees often find themselves in a significant gap of understanding.

ROCK15 Digital Brain

Hyperbolic View of Change Story

Semantically Share Right Contents with every stakeholder. If user is a warehouse manager, he / she is interested only in relevant scope from his/her responsible warehouse. Digital Brain allows users to see everything in their context without human help.

Facilitate to Right Design Decision (Methodology, Recommendation, Best Practice)

"Frame the right conversation!" It provides what to discuss, what to decide at the right context. User doesn’t need to be an business architect. Digital Brain takes care of this at the back.

Alignment Check

"Ensure Design and Execution is aligned with Vision" It provides (1) Dynamic Report of how each design point contributes to the vision. (2) insight on ‘what is missing’ either by design discipline or by comparing against configuration data of implemented system (i.e. SAP S4 HANA)

Track the Value Realized

Digital Brain connects business design to the value realized based on agreed KPI metrics. Digital Brain can also be integrated into any analytics solution, IT systems, or IoT devices.

Innovation Mining (Analytics Service)

Per request, we run semantic "Reasoning" to mine new insight out of corporate knowledge database. This also includes but not limited to "who solves the similar problem and how" across organizations or Digital Brain subscribed companies

"Bring your business practice into Digital Brain" (Customizing Service)

If your company has unique business practice / methodology, we can easily extend our data model and build App. within few weeks, Not months.